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Since 1982 John Baker Jewelry has specialized in the creation of rings and  pendants to fulfill your personal Jyotish Gem recommendation. We use only the highest quality materials (karat gold, silver and platinum) in creating your unique piece of jewelry. You can review  basic Jyotish Gem information, by going to our Jyotish Info page.

We also create non-jyotish custom design pieces,  such as wedding and engagement rings, brooches, pendants and ear rings.   


Please review the design photos on each display page and keep in mind that most designs can be created for any type and size gem stone. And if you don't see the setting style you are looking  for, we can create a new custom design.

After selecting the design style you would like, please contact us via e-mail by filling out the basic information on our "Contact Us" page. Or if you prefer by calling us direct. [See "Contact Us" page.]

Enjoy your tour of our Internet showroom and thanks for visiting John Baker Jewelry on the web.




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